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Monday, June 1, 2009

Houses, jobs & trannys....not THAT kind!!

Well, I've been between Birmingham & Butler for a week and a half now. I've made several trips back and forth. On my first full day in Butler, Rylee and I went to look at another house & we both REALLY liked it. It's HUGE, has plenty of bedrooms and space to fill with little baby Deans & the big ones we already have. :0) Thursday, we met Dwight on his lunch break & he looked at it too. It was all looking great and promising. Then I ended up getting COMPLETELY lost and almost ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere. I called him hysterically crying & finally found a gas station & headed to Birmingham. I think it was a bit of a mental breakdown with all that I have going on. I headed to Sondra & Chasity's house & stayed fro the night.

The next morning, I am on my way to my old school to get the rest of my things & "sign off" on my sheet. I try to force my gear shifter thingy into reverse & my car breaks. Of course!!! I'm pretty much homeless, instructing my daughter to memorize my car tag as her address.... why WOULDN'T my car break? Chas to the rescue!! She comes and gets me & once we discover that we can't fix the problem, she loans me her car & calls her uncle to come look at it th next day. The good thing that happened that day was that I got a call for an interview at the school where Rylee will be going next year. We set it up for Monday.

So, Friday morning, Chas' uncle informs me that the shifter cable to my transmission is broken. I call around & the part has to be ordered to arrive on Tuesday. Chas to the rescue, again... she lets me use her car for the weekend to go for my interview.

The interview went really well. I won't know anything until the end of the month, but at least I've got some prospects!! Wish me luck!!

Anywhoo... I'm getting a little tired. I have more to tell, but I guess it will have to wait.

Much love!!!