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Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's been awhile!!

I am, self-admittedly, one of the WORST people in the world when it comes to keeping in touch with others. It's not that I don't care, or miss them. I just REALLY suck at it. That being said, although, I hoped that this blog would serve as my way to communicate to those I know and love... I obviously haven't updated in awhile. Let me tell you, a couple of weeks in the life of the Armstrong girls can equate to a lifetime of drama for those that fit the status quo. So, here goes....

I have unofficially "moved" to Butler. We have looked at a couple of houses, both of which I would be really happy occupying. We are in the "guys go and inspect the crawlspace and attic stage" which is one in which I DON'T care to partake. I think I could get used to living there. I am inheriting people who I would put up against any in the world as the GREATEST future in-laws a girl could ask for.

Right now, however, I am on a short hiatus in the Ham. I started off my day with my car breaking (It's still broken, BTW) and then I went to my old school :0( and got as much stuff as I could fit in the car - thanks Chas!! Then... I got a call for an interview at the private school where Rylee and Madi will go. That's Monday at 10... say a prayer for me!

I went out with my friends from school tonight....oh how I am going to miss them. They were so instrumental in helping me through such a hard time in my life.... And somehow found a way to make each day fun. I will so greatly miss those lunchtime and recess talks. No one could ever be lucky enough to work with such wonderful colleagues. There are just no words...

Don't get me started on leaving Bethy, Chas and Sondra... actually... like Bethy said it's not goodbye.... I'll be back. And we will meet for dinners in Tuscaloosa. :0)

On a happy note.... Dwight surprised me with a beautiful ring!!! I have this whole new life on the horizon I am really a lucky girl!!

I hope this helps with keeping informed!! More to come as our journey continues...

Much love!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mommie's Day

Oh what a day!! May I begin by stating that I have the most beautiful, amazing, sweet wonderful little girl in the world? I really don't think I need a day to honor me for being a mother. Rylee is the greatest gift I've ever been given.

For the past few days, I've been worried about how today would go for me. It's my first Mother's Day since losing our sweet little angel, and also the 5 month anniversary of Daddy's passing. Friday night, Dwight held me for hours and tried his best to console me as I cried and talked about how much I missed them both. I know he hates it when I cry & he can't fix it, but he was amazing and said the right things.

So, my day started off nice. Dwight and I had a yummy breakfast & then set out to do a little shopping. I had not yet picked up a card and gift for my grandmother (who I was seeing today) so I went over to the cards & the first one I just happened to grab was for "Mommy to Be" so I immediately burst into tears and couldn't stop, so we had to leave Target. It wasn't looking promising... but I medicated, got it together and managed to have a wonderful day after all.

I went and picked up Rylee and we went to enjoy one of my gifts from Dwight... a mother/daughter day at Sips & Strokes. It was so much fun!It was relaxing... ok, maybe THAT was the medication.... :0) And I really like the way my cross turned out. Rylee painted an ADORABLE picture for me. Since I was able to work without following instruction... just looking at a picture - I'm thinking about buying some canvases and paints for the girls and me to play around with over the summer. Madison, Dwight's daughter, is incredibly artistic and talented. Rylee is pretty good for an 8 year old as well. I will stick to the whimsical stuff that has no "right" way to do it. :0) If nothing else, we can create some fun artwork to hang in our new home SOMEWHERE.

We also went and enjoyed dinner at my cousin Alison's house. She has got the CUTEST pregnant belly EVER!! She is having a little boy - he's due September 5th.

As for MY little angel who lives with his Papa in Heaven, I just want him to know how much his mommy loves and misses him being with me. I know I only had a few months of time with him, but he is in my heart and on my mind every single day! Dwight bought me a beautiful charm for my bracelet as my other Mother's Day gift. It has an angel on one side and says "Believe" on the other. And I do... I believe that everything happens for a reason & that Papa and my sweet angel are in Heaven and always with me. Like Dwight said, we have some pretty awesome people watching out for us.

I hope all of you mommies, mommies-to-be, and "will one day be" mommies had a wonderful, blessed day and many more to come. Much Love!!