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Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's a wonderful life...

We have had a GREAT Christmas! We were very fortunate to get to spend time with most of our family. It did require A LOT of traveling, but it was definitely worth it! My wonderful husband surprised me with a new I-pod. I've been wanting a new one FOREVER & although we weren't supposed to get each other "big" gifts, he surprised me with one anyway. I honestly think he was as excited about it as I was because of my reaction. He's so amazing!

We have another special treat coming up... on Tuesday at 10:00, we go to the doctor to find out if our little love is a boy or a girl! I absolutely CANNOT wait! I'm trying to make myself enjoy these last few hours of mystery, but I'm SO anxious to find out. I can honestly say that I will be thrilled either way. I'm so ready to see him/her and know that everything in going great! I know that Dwight will be thrilled either way as well. My gut instinct is still "boy" but of course, that's just a guess.

The pregnancy is going so great now! It's really been pretty smooth all along. I was only sick for about 4 weeks, although the exhaustion lasted a lot longer. I am finally managing to stay energized for most of the day now. It's nice to know that over the past few weeks, I've been that "happy pregnant person" that I promised Dwight I would be. He was really doubting me there for awhile in the beginning. I think that as each day passes and my stomach gets bigger and people are able to feel the baby move, everything becomes so much more realistic. I can't help but want to rush the time so the baby is here, but I'm really trying to make myself slow down and enjoy each day. One day, before I know it, this little squirmy worm will be 9 years old sitting next to me on the sofa like my other "baby" is now. :0)

I'm thinking about creating a new blog just for updates on my pregnancy and the baby. I'm going to try to begin working on one. BUT while I'm off this week, I also want to get the decorations down, some things organized, work on my scrapbook, and try out sewing some baby stuff. Oh yeah, I need to reorganize my music & put it on my new I-pod & work on the bathroom/bedroom area too! It's a good thing I'm feeling energized here lately.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas & has a blessed new year! What a wonderful time for new beginnings!

Much love!

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